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By following the ten easy steps in Tapped Out: A Guided Journal Using EFT to Overcome Stress, you’ll learn how to use EFT, or tapping, to banish your stress and get on with your day. If you experience stress, this journal is for YOU!

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Tapped Out For College Students is an easy-to-use guide that walks you through releasing the stress of over 70+ college issues. EFT clears your mind so you can problem solve, find solutions and create your ultimate success in college.

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Tapped out for College Students will truly be a gift for a high school or college-aged young adult… empowering a generation of young people with the tools to clear away the debilitating effects of anxiety and self-doubt, allowing them to thrive as their unique, powerful, and gifted selves
​~Margaret M Lynch
Speaker, Transformational Coach, and Author of Tapping Into Wealth

Book Reviews

Rarely do you get such a comprehensive resource for students about to go to college and those who are attending college. This is more than a must-have book for college students and I recommend that all parents provide this book for their college student as a resource to help them when they cannot be there.
It’s a ‘be prepared’ resource, a ‘first aid’ resource and a ‘solutions’ resource. Authors, Becki and Kelley have hit the nail on the head with this book, providing practical solutions to so many potential issues that college students may face, from tapping scripts to hotline numbers to call. They address overwhelm, homesickness, procrastination, homework, confusion, working a job, socializing, dating, budgeting, depression, fear of not graduating, substance abuse, exams, interviews, internships and so much more. This book is also helpful for parents to read before they pack it off to college with their new college student. Read Tapped out for College Students now! It’s the best resource a college student could possibly have.
~Jenny Johnston, EFT Universe Trainer
Best Selling Author of Tapping into Past Lives
Founder of Quantum EFT 

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The more I delved into Tapped Out for College Students the more excited I got! This is a fantastic tool for college students… I intend to buy one for each of my wellness patients as they head off to college!
 I have witnessed how the stress of transitioning to college life can be overwhelming at times for most young adults. I hear parents wish they had more tools to help. This easy to understand and thorough gift will become the most valuable book in a college student’s library.
~Dr. Jenny Bruck
Wellness Chiropractor, Author of the book "52 Vitality Tools Host", and of the podcast "For the Health of It"