About Becki

Hi! I am Becki Stevens, an accredited, certified Advanced EFT, Picture Tapping Technique and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, as well as a published author. When I first learned about EFT, and felt the profound shifts it offered me, I realized I had found my life’s calling. Up until then I bounced from job to job, never really finding my place. I’ve worked as a vet tech, a preschool teacher and a 4th grade teacher. I’ve owned my own cake decorating business and also cooked in a cafe at a health club. Top that all off with being Mom to two active teens. Needless to say, I’ve done my own fair share of tapping through the turbulence of life and I’ve found a calmness I never thought was possible for me.
After training and becoming certified in EFT, I fine-tuned my skills as an Emotional Wellness Coach, gathering different techniques to help me guide my clients towards release and healing. I have coached hundreds of clients using these energy healing modalities. Emotional Freedom Techniques, PTT and Matrix Reimprinting offer such amazing results and can easily be self-applied, anytime, anywhere.  
As your Emotional Wellness Coach, I will utilize these tools, as well as other energy balancing modalities, to gently guide your release and reset so you can find calm and clarity in life. 

Hello, it's so nice to meet you!

My Family

Becki is certified through EFT International.

Kind Words

I have had the privilege of working with Becki over the years and she is, hands down, a master of her craft. She utilizes the power of EFT along with her depth of understanding the human psyche to assist her clients in getting “unstuck” and to heal. I am forever grateful for her.

Kind Words

It gives me great pleasure to share that I regularly meet with Becki Stevens to help work out anything that may be causing my life from its most potential happiness. She is remarkably intelligent, so kind, inviting, gentle, uses no judgment and is highly trained with her technique. She was been able to peel layers off that I, aka- “Miss Smarty Pants”, never realized was keeping me from healing. Every time I leave your office I feel so much better. I am truly grateful and thankful for you Becki! Thank you!