Emotional Wellness Coach

guiding clients of all ages to release their stressors so they can find calm and clarity in life.

Calm your turbulence, find your clarity

Has life gotten too turbulent? Do you feel like you’re barely keeping your head above water? Using proven energy techniques, Emotional Wellness Coach, Becki Stevens, offers the support that you need. Whether your turbulence is created by emotional stress, past traumas, physical pain or illness, Becki will gently guide you towards calm and clarity.

Find Your Peace

The mind is like water. When it is turbulent, it’s difficult to see. When it is calm, everything becomes clear.
~Prasad Mahes
Kind Words

Becki is a TRUE blessing! Her depth of wisdom, experience, compassion and understanding of the human condition has allowed me to peel back multiple layers of my life that have been holding me back from living fully engaged. She has a natural grace that guides the process and "gets it," whatever I have come with to our sessions. She is profound, heartfelt, playful and spiritual. While some issues have been painful, she creates a magic that invites extraordinary transformation. I can assure you that my life would not be where it is had it not been for working with Becki."
~ J.W.

Kind Words

I worked with Becki as a college student navigating a particularly tricky part of my life. I was very sick with Lyme disease, and with Becki's help I made a lot of progress in navigating the emotional and physical toll it left on me. I also worked with Becki on more normal college student issues, such as problems in romantic relationships, conflict with family and overwhelm and anxiety from classes. Through my EFT sessions I learned new ways to cope and new thought patterns to boost my mental and emotional health. EFT is a tool I have used many times in my life and I truly believe in its incredibly transformative power, having experienced these types of effects myself.                   

Kind Words

My "tween" son started seeing Ms. Becki for sadness related to a sudden difficulty with friendships. From the start he has been comfortable sharing with her, and she was able to determine it was his anxiousness and related thoughts that were leading to his difficulty. She blends her professional style easily with her genuine care for her clientele. I love that he has skills to use to help get through the tough middle and high school years, and beyond. Tapping has taught him how to both name his emotions and tolerate them, which he had struggled with previously. And to my surprise, he even shared his tapping know-how with a friend he saw struggling.