This morning I spent an hour decluttering…my email inboxes. Yes, I have multiple email inboxes. I deleted over 1,500 emails and removed myself from multiple email mailing lists that I never read. Yes, it took some time, but it felt really good!  So why don’t I do it more often?

Life has a way of getting cluttered fast, especially if you aren’t one to declutter on a weekly or daily basis.  I’d love to be like that!  But I’m not.  I really do want to read all the emails I get, even the sales emails, because “what if I need that service”?  So I save them to read later, except that later never comes.  Before I know it, I have 3,549 unread emails.  At that point, I feel overwhelmed just looking at my inbox, so I avoid it, which means that the number continues to grow.  

Clutter has a way of multiplying, seemingly all by itself.  It’s not just my inboxes that are in a ridiculously cluttered state at the moment.  My house has become so cluttered that I don’t even know where to start to declutter.  I am always saving things to go through later. Throw in a teenager and a pre-teen, and that clutter grows by tenfold.  My husband can’t stand clutter, yet the man can’t organize to save his life, so he adds to it as well.  Here is a picture of our home office desk…

When I was a kid, my mom ALWAYS did a spring clean and a fall clean.  Of course, I hated having to spend a whole weekend cleaning, organizing, and bagging up unused “stuff”.  But now I see WHY she did that. It helped her declutter.

I’m going to be really honest with you right now… The last time my house got a real “spring clean” was when I gave birth to my daughter and my mom came to help out.  She did a good ol’ spring clean on my house and I thanked her for it.  My daughter just turned 10 in March. (Yeah, I know…ugh.)  The last “fall clean” was when my son was born in 2002.

It’s TIME.  Time for ME to step up to the clutter and declare victory over it.  Yes, there will be feelings of overwhelm…  “Where do I start? How do I do this? Do I keep this or get rid of it? How can I make it so this never happens again?”  I will be angry for letting the house get to the state that it is in…  I will be stressed when everyone else in my family runs for the hills trying to avoid helping…  I will be sad as I go through my kids’ school work and projects, deciding what to keep and what to ditch…

But it is TIME.  I know that we don’t need half the crap that has accumulated in our house.  I know that we will ALL be happier once the house is in order.  I know that my kids have outgrown three quarters of the toys, books and clothes they have.  I know my husband (and myself) will be more relaxed without the constant reminder of this job that needs to be done.  

I know this, but how do I get started?  How do I move past this feeling of overwhelm and avoidance?  I will tap.  I’ll tap my way through all the feelings of overwhelm, the anger, the sadness, the stress.  I’ll use the modality in which I’ve been trained.  (Why is it that we forget our own skill when we need it ourselves?  That’s a whole different post, for another day, that’s for sure.)  In the meantime, let’s tap through this decluttering together.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there that could use a good declutter, be it your inbox, your house, or even your mind.  

If you’ve never tapped before, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with EFT/Tapping by watching my video of the points you’ll need to tap on.  You can also follow the diagram on this post as well.  At each point you’ll speak what I’ve written.  If my wording doesn’t exactly match what you’re feeling, replace it with your wording.  Tune into the emotions and even the physical feelings that you feel when you think about and/or look at the clutter you need to attend to…

KC: Even though I feel so overwhelmed by all this clutter, I accept myself.

KC: Even though this clutter is out of control and I don’t even know where to start, I accept myself.

KC: Even though I am so angry with myself for letting it get to this state, I accept myself and all these feelings.

EB: All this clutter

SE: I’m feeling so overwhelmed

UE: I don’t even know where to start

UN: I need to do something but it’s so overwhelming

CP: I’m so angry I let it get to this point

CB: How could I let this happen?

UA: I’m so overwhelmed by all this clutter

TH: I don’t know where to start to declutter but I know it has to be done

EB: Why is it so hard to get started?

SE: Why am I resisting it so much?

UE: I just don’t know where to start…there’s just so much

UN: I’m so mad I let it get to this state

CP: Why can’t I just be organized?

CB: I’m so mad and so overwhelmed

UA: All this clutter

TH: I don’t know where to start

EB: How do other people stay organized?

SE: I wonder if I could do it too

UE: I’m open to having this decluttering be surprisingly easy

UN: Having all this clutter doesn’t benefit me

CP: All this clutter just clutters up my peace of mind

CB: I’d feel so much better if I got rid of this clutter

UA: I’m open to this decluttering process

TH: I’m open and ready to declutter and feel peace of mind

Take a deep breath in and a long breath out.  Think about decluttering.  Perhaps while you were tapping you had an idea as to how to get started?  That’s the great thing about tapping.  It helps you declutter your mind, even when you’re not specifically tapping for that!  If you are still feeling some overwhelming feelings about getting started with the decluttering project, try tapping through this script again.  Add your words, your emotions and anywhere you feel negative sensation in your body (weight on your shoulders, headache, etc.).

I’m feeling like I can get started on this monster of a mess. I’m just going to take baby steps.  First I’ll clean off my desk.  I’m going to systematically go through each thing, then move onto the next.  As emotions and overwhelm bubble up, I’ll pause and do a minute or two of tapping.  This clutter is about to be DECLUTTERED!!  I know you can do this too.  Be accepting of yourself and the feelings that come up.  Acknowledge your feelings, tap them away and move on.  

Good luck–You’ve got this!!


Change is in the Air…

“Change”: Release the fear and anger…

One thing we can count on in life is “Change”.  Many look forward to it and embrace it.  But for many, “Change” brings about shock, trepidation, fear and anger.  These emotions are not necessarily beneficial to our wellbeing.  If you are experiencing any of these emotions, I invite you to release them using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) so that you can move forward with positive, healthy energy…

Use the diagram to help guide you through the Tapping points.  Speak the wording out loud, if possible, tapping gently on each point 5-9 times with your fingertips.  Change the wording to fit your needs.  

Begin with a deep breath.  Tune into the emotions you are feeling about “Change” and give them a rating 0 (nothing) to 10 (major). You may want to rate and tap each emotion individually.  This script is for fear and anger, but change any wording to meet your needs.

Take another deep breath. While tapping on the side of your hand at the KC (Karate Chop) point.  Repeat the following 3 times while tapping at this point.  (To view a video of the tapping points click here.)

KC: Even though I am struggling with the possible implications of this “Change”…I’m scared of what could happen…I’m angry and in shock, I accept myself and all I’m feeling.  (3x)

EB: All this “Change” that is coming

SE: It scares me…I don’t know if this will be a good thing

UE: All this “Change”

UN: I’m scared this won’t be a good “Change”

CP: I can’t believe it… I’m shocked and angry

CB: All this “Change”, it scares me so much!

UA: So scared and angry

TH: I don’t know if this will be a good “Change”…I’m so scared and angry

EB: All this “Change” coming my way

SE: I don’t see how it will be good, what if it’s not?

UE: I can’t see anything positive about this “Change”

UN: I’m scared and angry…so shocked this is happening

CP: All this “Change”, it’s can’t be good

CB: I’m scared of this “Change”, all that could happen

UA: What if it is a terrible “Change”?

TH: I’m so scared and angry about this “Change”

EB: I just don’t see how this will be good

SE: But what if there is some good in this “Change”?

UE: I know there won’t be…how could there be?

UN: What if  I don’t have to be so scared?

CP: But I am scared and angry…shocked!

CB: I would love to be open to the possibility that this “Change” might not be as bad I think…

UA: But this change can’t possibly be good…It’s so scary what could happen

TH: I am open to releasing this fear and anger, though…It doesn’t benefit me, doesn’t help me

EB: All this fear and anger…I’m open to releasing it

SE: Fear and anger doesn’t help me in anyway

UE: It isn’t healthy

UN: I’m open to releasing the fear and anger

CP: I’m open to the possibility of this “Change” having some positive outcome

CB: I’m open to projecting positive energy…to the possibility of good “Change” occurring

UA: I’m open to releasing the fear and anger about this “Change”

TH: I’m open and ready to project positive energy instead of feeding the negative energy that

       fear and anger brings to me, to my world

Take a deep breath.  Release it and tune back into your emotions about “Change”.  Has the intensity reduced at all?  Have other emotions surfaced?  Continue tapping through this script until your intensity level gets to a 2 or below.  Insert wording that comes up while tapping.  Vent!  Tap through the points as you ramble about all your feelings.  Release that negative emotion.  It does nothing but hold you back from healthy, positive outcomes to “Change”.  Be open to the possibilities “Change” may bring, because you never know.  The power of energy within is powerful in so many ways… make it a positive way.  For your peace of mind, your health.  Be open to the positives that “Change” may be presenting that fear and anger were masking.  You may find it nice, uplifting even, to tap through each point repeating the final line of this script at each one.  We can all benefit from positive energy.  

For more information or if you find yourself “stuck” in releasing your negative emotions, please contact me.

Find the POSITIVE possibilities of “Change”

The Writing on the Wall

The office where I have my EFT practice has the most inspirational bathroom EVER! My office is part of a wonderful chiropractic practice called SCC Chiropractic & Vitality Studio. SCC  Dr. Jenny Bruck and her team strive to teach and empower their clients through healthy, mindful living. It’s not just any ol’ chiropractic office. Dr. Jenny offers monthly workshops on different ways to improve her patients’ overall health, not just their spinal health. She supports her patients in so many ways.

When Dr. Jenny asked me to join her office to help support her clients’ emotional needs, I was honored to become a part of such an amazing team. Using EFT, I’m able to guide clients to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are not only holding them back in life, but that may be also causing them chronic pain, stress and illness. By addressing the physical and the emotional aspects, our clients have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, productive and inspiring life. But I digress… back to the bathroom.

In one of the bathrooms in SCC’s office, the walls are painted with different inspirational quotes and sayings. I always say I do some of my best thinking in the bathroom, mainly because it is one of the few places I can get a moment of privacy from the demands of life. I always take a few extra minutes to read the writing on the wall at SCC; to let the words sink into the writing that I have on my hidden subconscious wall.

We all have our own subconscious wall. We acquire the writing on our wall throughout our lives, most often during childhood. These are the rules we live by. But some of these rules are neither beneficial nor pertinent in our adult life, since many (most) were acquired during childhood. Consciously we may try to do things differently but this wall, this hidden wall, has the ability to override our conscious desires. More than likely, you are being run by the writing on your wall more than you think.

There are lots of examples I could give, like your ability to stick to and succeed at a diet; being able to walk into a test you studied for and ace it; finding your passion in life and making a successful career of it. The list is endless and it differs for everyone. But there are some specific negative rules that MANY people share. Unknowingly, these rules, this writing on their wall, ends up dictating everything they do in life. These specific rules are big, really BIG. The writing on the SCC bathroom wall brought up the “Big Three” for me.

While in the SCC bathroom one day, reading the writing on the wall, I realized it was really hard to “believe” some of the quotes. To really, truly accept the quote and feel it as a truth for myself. I realized that the writing on my own wall was over-riding the acceptance of what I was reading. I just didn’t feel like what was written could possibly be true, because it wasn’t what was on my wall.

I had the opposite on mine and it was dictating how I functioned in my life. My writing said, “If I try, I’ll fail.” Whoa! I thought of all the things in my life that I had wanted to do but had given up at the slightest bit of struggle or hadn’t even attempted at all! How had this writing on my wall affected my business and career choices? My finances? My relationships? My health??? How much had I avoided or disregarded because I was afraid I’d fail? What WOULD I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?! Oh the possibilities!

I began looking at the walls of that bathroom in a different light. As I read each saying, I paid attention to the reaction I had as I read it. Did it feel true, doable? Or did I feel a longing to do what the saying said, but felt it was unachievable.
“Think outside the box”… This saying brought up the hidden writing on my wall that said, “No one will like me if I’m different.” I have always been the queen of ideas… and yet I rarely acted on them. I always hesitated to put myself out there. The thought of not being a part of the “norm”, of doing something unexpected and unique, scared the crap out of me, so I rarely took the steps to try something different, something outside of the box. When I did, I always ended up self-sabotaging myself in some way. This, in turn, helped to reinforce my negative belief of “If I try, I’ll fail”.

I so desperately wanted this next picture of the writing on the wall to be true for me… but I just had the hardest time really believing life could actually be easy and effortless. The reason for this disbelief was the writing on my wall kicking in again… “I’m not worthy.”

It made me sad thinking of all I had missed out on, skipped, put off, all due to these simple yet powerful negative rules I had written on my wall. How I came to believe these rules and incorporate them into my life, I wasn’t sure. But I wanted it to change. I wanted the writing that was on the SCC bathroom wall to feel true, to be true to me. It was so inspiring, so empowering! I wanted that!!

I realized that I knew the perfect tool to help me overwrite all that unhealthy, negative writing on my wall… I had EFT/Tapping. Using this modality, I was able to reverse the negative rules that had dictated my life.  EFT allows you to get into your subconscious and reset any limiting, non beneficial rules you may have. Left in place this negative writing on your wall will not only affect your experiences in life but over time it begins to affect your body physically, showing up as pain, disease, and illness. EFT allows you to quickly and efficiently process, release and reset those rules written on your subconscious wall. This opens the door for success, confidence and health, both physically and mentally.

How true do the SCC bathroom wall quotes feel to you? Believable? Or do you have hidden negative writing on your wall, similar to what I had, that is holding you back or causing you pain? Wouldn’t it be nice to change those negative rules to positive, empowering rules?

What would YOU do if you knew you could not fail? Think outside the box and use EFT to change the writing on your wall. You, too, can feel better everyday in every way.  Because, “where our mind is, there we are…”

If you would like guidance and coaching to release and reset the negative writing on your wall, please use my contact page to set up an appointment.  I look forward to working with you!


What EFT doesn’t work on…

People always ask me what EFT works on…  I figured it would be WAY easier to tell you what it DOESN’T work on…  

Ok, so EFT won’t work on, um, well… huh.  I really can’t think of anything EFT doesn’t help.  

Well, Ok, we can’t change the Weather using EFT, but we CAN change how we react to it.

We can’t tap more Time into our day, but we CAN release self-sabotage so we become more productive and creative with the time we do have.  

EFT can’t make your annoying co-worker find a new job, but it CAN change the way you react to said co-worker, by reducing the trigger effect that person causes in you.

Oh traffic!!  EFT cannot reduce traffic.  There.  It doesn’t work on that.  Although, it CAN reduce the rage, the anger, the annoyance you feel when faced with that long commute.

The homework battle, ugh…  EFT doesn’t make the homework go away (Ha, now that would be a way to get kids really into tapping!!).  Now tapping CAN do a number of things here…  By tapping, your child can release the frustration, the blocks and the anxiousness often associated with homework and studying. (Yes, EFT is an amazing tool for kids to learn!)  Using EFT can actually help them find new and creative ways to learn their material.  Once the worry is gone, the door opens for learning to occur.  PLUS, if they aren’t anxious and cranky, you won’t have the fight.  But if you do, EFT will ease the frustration that their complaining triggers in you.    

EFT can’t get your husband to bring home flowers tonight.  But it can help you find your voice, so you can communicate your needs in a clear, calm manner.

EFT can’t make your chronic knee pain disappear.  Whoa, wait a minute!!!  It CAN make your chronic knee pain go away!!  Here’s a fun fact for you…”chronic pain is about 20 percent sensory, and the rest, the other 80 percent, is emotional.” [] This doesn’t mean the pain isn’t real, because it is real, but your emotions are signalling your body to feel that pain.  Using EFT, you can release the emotions you have surrounding your pain.  It is quite simply, amazing.  Using EFT, the physical pain can be instantly reduced and once the emotion is released, the healing is dramatic.  Your body has the ability to heal itself, naturally.  

So by now, I hope you’re getting my point.  EFT is a tool that can be used on just about anything.  It is pain-free, non-invasive and works well with other traditional therapies and often time when nothing else seems to work.  And the best part is that once learned, you can do it yourself on day to day issues you encounter.  Working with a practitioner, like myself, can help you tackle the deep limiting beliefs that are holding you back from enjoying life and finding success with your goals and dreams.  
EFT can be transformational, that’s for sure, but it won’t work by just reading about it.  You have to actually do it.  So here you go, I have lead you to the water, now it is up to you to drink it.   Services

Tapping Points Video

Here is a video walk-thru of all the points typically used in my tapping scripts.  Remember, at the Karate Chop point you will say the Set-up Statement three times (“Even though _(insert your negative emotion/pain)_, I accept myself.”)  At each point you tap on after that, you will say the negative emotion or pain you feel.  This video simply shows the points for EFT.  Check out the other scripts and videos I will be posting for detailed tapping on specific emotions and events.

My Big Why

quotes-933816_1920There I was, the stay at home mom, by choice.  Most days I loved it but there were, of course, days were I felt frazzled and at the end of my rope.  For the most part, things ran pretty well.  We were only slightly late for things, we usually had clean laundry, there was always dinner on the table and the kids got to do the activities they wanted.  I really wanted to contribute to the family finances and to the world but it was easier and safer to stay in my little bubble, at home, doing what I had been doing, just wishing I had some purpose, some way to contribute.

 I came across EFT after having had an unusual and intense argument with a close friend that left me questioning myself on a deep level.  EFT helped me to release that confusion, that doubt.  I was simply amazed with the technique. So I started learning more about it and eventually became certified to be an EFT Practitioner.  I felt really strongly that I could help people through EFT.  So I hired a coach and got to work on creating my own practice.  

 So, I was now juggling my stay-at-home mom duties, plus trying to learn everything I could about EFT and my own self care, plus trying to start up a business from scratch, plus trying to enroll and see clients.  The pressure I placed on myself just built and built.  And one day, I quite literally Lost it.  I had the mother of all temper tantrums.  My kids had been bickering all day.  We had just returned from the supermarket, which had been beyond frustrating with both kids with me.  I was in the kitchen washing dishes and they started in on each other again.  I snapped.  I walked into the room they were in and lost my mind.  I started yelling about them bickering, which lead to why couldn’t they just listen to me the first time I asked them to stop, to why couldn’t they follow directions, to why couldn’t they just brush their teeth in the morning without being told, etc., etc.  I lost is so badly that I hauled off and kicked the recliner chair that was sitting next to me.  Pain shot up my foot and leg.  That chair was SOLID!!  That pissed me off even more!! I hobbled into the next room, still yelling about every little thing, yanked off my flip flops and chucked them across the room.  I stormed up the stairs to my bedroom and stood there steaming, and hurting.  That’s when it hit me.  I just couldn’t do this anymore.  I was done.  Done, with a potentially broken foot.  

 How in the world could I help my clients find clarity in their goals and purpose?  How could I help them release regrets and bad memories?  How could I help them have better relationships with their families?  How could I, guide them, to ultimately be in charge and in control of their lives and achieve their dreams, if I couldn’t do any of that myself???  

 After pulling myself together and apologizing to my children, I made it through the day.  The next day, as I limped into swim team practice, someone asked me what happened to my foot.  I was so embarrassed, so ashamed.  What would they think of me and my ability to coach if I was losing my temper and kicking things??  But, since they were a friend, I told them what happened.  And they laughed.  And then someone else asked what happened and THEY laughed!!  But I think the real eye opener was when I had to tell my chiropractor, who seems so perfect and healthy and calm, who is also a perfect person to refer people to me.  When I sheepishly told her what I did, she HIGH FIVED ME!!  What was going on??  And that was when I realized it.  We are all in the same boat!  We ALL have stuff going on in our lives!  We ALL have regrets and limiting beliefs.  WE ALL DO.

 I realized, then, that I was actually the perfect person to help people, especially moms.  Because I KNEW what it felt like to be in that spot where you want to do more but your mind and life seem to be spinning out of your control.  I knew what it was like to lose my temper over the complete feeling of overwhelm.  But I could help because I KNEW an amazing technique that I could teach them and their children, that could truly change their lives.  I came to the realization that I was trying to be perfect.  That I thought I couldn’t possibly coach others until I had achieved perfection and control and peace in my life.  I realized how completely wrong I was.  There is no perfection in life.  There will always be things that come up and trigger you.  There will always be calendars and chores to juggle.  But HOW you react to all that, is what it is really all about.  I realized that by teaching people EFT, I was giving them a lifelong tool that they could use to help themselves.  I realized that through my practice, my coaching, I could help people release those limiting beliefs they had carried through life, so they could achieve the dreams they thought were impossible.  I realized I could show children this tool to use for when they were feeling worried, or nervous or upset.  I realized that I could do this because I was right there with my clients, getting past the same types of blocks and resistances they had.  I was one of them.  About

What Is EFT?

flowers-1058876_1920EFT, also called Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping, is a unique energy healing method.  This non-invasive, drug-free technique allows for the body to heal itself naturally.  It can be used by people of all ages.  EFT often works when nothing else seems to and can also be a wonderful addition to traditional therapies and procedures.  Results can often be felt quickly and produce long-lasting relief.  By working with a trained EFT Practitioner, a client can release deep subconscious “rules” that may be causing them to adversely react in certain situations or to feel physical pain. Once learned, this technique can be often utilized by oneself, as continued maintenance to work done with a practitioner.  EFT is becoming more and more recognized by the medical community as a valuable asset in maintaining life-long health.  

This technique follows the meridian lines used in acupressure.  By tapping on specific places along those meridian lines, while saying certain phrases, your body can release blocked energy that can be causing a myriad of problems, both emotionally and physically.  These blockages often result in feelings of stress and in self-sabotaging behaviors.  This can show up as tension, discomfort and pain in the body, as well as causing emotional disruptions in your life.  EFT allows your mind and body to relax, thus allowing you to have more creativity, more organization and less stress in all aspects of your life.  Tapping Points Video

EFT can be provided in-person, over the phone or via computer video services (Skype/Google Hangouts).  Services