This morning I spent an hour decluttering…my email inboxes. Yes, I have multiple email inboxes. I deleted over 1,500 emails and removed myself from multiple email mailing lists that I never read. Yes, it took some time, but it felt really good!  So why don’t I do it more often?

Life has a way of getting cluttered fast, especially if you aren’t one to declutter on a weekly or daily basis.  I’d love to be like that!  But I’m not.  I really do want to read all the emails I get, even the sales emails, because “what if I need that service”?  So I save them to read later, except that later never comes.  Before I know it, I have 3,549 unread emails.  At that point, I feel overwhelmed just looking at my inbox, so I avoid it, which means that the number continues to grow.  

Clutter has a way of multiplying, seemingly all by itself.  It’s not just my inboxes that are in a ridiculously cluttered state at the moment.  My house has become so cluttered that I don’t even know where to start to declutter.  I am always saving things to go through later. Throw in a teenager and a pre-teen, and that clutter grows by tenfold.  My husband can’t stand clutter, yet the man can’t organize to save his life, so he adds to it as well.  Here is a picture of our home office desk…

When I was a kid, my mom ALWAYS did a spring clean and a fall clean.  Of course, I hated having to spend a whole weekend cleaning, organizing, and bagging up unused “stuff”.  But now I see WHY she did that. It helped her declutter.

I’m going to be really honest with you right now… The last time my house got a real “spring clean” was when I gave birth to my daughter and my mom came to help out.  She did a good ol’ spring clean on my house and I thanked her for it.  My daughter just turned 10 in March. (Yeah, I know…ugh.)  The last “fall clean” was when my son was born in 2002.

It’s TIME.  Time for ME to step up to the clutter and declare victory over it.  Yes, there will be feelings of overwhelm…  “Where do I start? How do I do this? Do I keep this or get rid of it? How can I make it so this never happens again?”  I will be angry for letting the house get to the state that it is in…  I will be stressed when everyone else in my family runs for the hills trying to avoid helping…  I will be sad as I go through my kids’ school work and projects, deciding what to keep and what to ditch…

But it is TIME.  I know that we don’t need half the crap that has accumulated in our house.  I know that we will ALL be happier once the house is in order.  I know that my kids have outgrown three quarters of the toys, books and clothes they have.  I know my husband (and myself) will be more relaxed without the constant reminder of this job that needs to be done.  

I know this, but how do I get started?  How do I move past this feeling of overwhelm and avoidance?  I will tap.  I’ll tap my way through all the feelings of overwhelm, the anger, the sadness, the stress.  I’ll use the modality in which I’ve been trained.  (Why is it that we forget our own skill when we need it ourselves?  That’s a whole different post, for another day, that’s for sure.)  In the meantime, let’s tap through this decluttering together.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there that could use a good declutter, be it your inbox, your house, or even your mind.  

If you’ve never tapped before, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with EFT/Tapping by watching my video of the points you’ll need to tap on.  You can also follow the diagram on this post as well.  At each point you’ll speak what I’ve written.  If my wording doesn’t exactly match what you’re feeling, replace it with your wording.  Tune into the emotions and even the physical feelings that you feel when you think about and/or look at the clutter you need to attend to…

KC: Even though I feel so overwhelmed by all this clutter, I accept myself.

KC: Even though this clutter is out of control and I don’t even know where to start, I accept myself.

KC: Even though I am so angry with myself for letting it get to this state, I accept myself and all these feelings.

EB: All this clutter

SE: I’m feeling so overwhelmed

UE: I don’t even know where to start

UN: I need to do something but it’s so overwhelming

CP: I’m so angry I let it get to this point

CB: How could I let this happen?

UA: I’m so overwhelmed by all this clutter

TH: I don’t know where to start to declutter but I know it has to be done

EB: Why is it so hard to get started?

SE: Why am I resisting it so much?

UE: I just don’t know where to start…there’s just so much

UN: I’m so mad I let it get to this state

CP: Why can’t I just be organized?

CB: I’m so mad and so overwhelmed

UA: All this clutter

TH: I don’t know where to start

EB: How do other people stay organized?

SE: I wonder if I could do it too

UE: I’m open to having this decluttering be surprisingly easy

UN: Having all this clutter doesn’t benefit me

CP: All this clutter just clutters up my peace of mind

CB: I’d feel so much better if I got rid of this clutter

UA: I’m open to this decluttering process

TH: I’m open and ready to declutter and feel peace of mind

Take a deep breath in and a long breath out.  Think about decluttering.  Perhaps while you were tapping you had an idea as to how to get started?  That’s the great thing about tapping.  It helps you declutter your mind, even when you’re not specifically tapping for that!  If you are still feeling some overwhelming feelings about getting started with the decluttering project, try tapping through this script again.  Add your words, your emotions and anywhere you feel negative sensation in your body (weight on your shoulders, headache, etc.).

I’m feeling like I can get started on this monster of a mess. I’m just going to take baby steps.  First I’ll clean off my desk.  I’m going to systematically go through each thing, then move onto the next.  As emotions and overwhelm bubble up, I’ll pause and do a minute or two of tapping.  This clutter is about to be DECLUTTERED!!  I know you can do this too.  Be accepting of yourself and the feelings that come up.  Acknowledge your feelings, tap them away and move on.  

Good luck–You’ve got this!!