Change is in the Air…

“Change”: Release the fear and anger…

One thing we can count on in life is “Change”.  Many look forward to it and embrace it.  But for many, “Change” brings about shock, trepidation, fear and anger.  These emotions are not necessarily beneficial to our wellbeing.  If you are experiencing any of these emotions, I invite you to release them using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) so that you can move forward with positive, healthy energy…

Use the diagram to help guide you through the Tapping points.  Speak the wording out loud, if possible, tapping gently on each point 5-9 times with your fingertips.  Change the wording to fit your needs.  

Begin with a deep breath.  Tune into the emotions you are feeling about “Change” and give them a rating 0 (nothing) to 10 (major). You may want to rate and tap each emotion individually.  This script is for fear and anger, but change any wording to meet your needs.

Take another deep breath. While tapping on the side of your hand at the KC (Karate Chop) point.  Repeat the following 3 times while tapping at this point.  (To view a video of the tapping points click here.)

KC: Even though I am struggling with the possible implications of this “Change”…I’m scared of what could happen…I’m angry and in shock, I accept myself and all I’m feeling.  (3x)

EB: All this “Change” that is coming

SE: It scares me…I don’t know if this will be a good thing

UE: All this “Change”

UN: I’m scared this won’t be a good “Change”

CP: I can’t believe it… I’m shocked and angry

CB: All this “Change”, it scares me so much!

UA: So scared and angry

TH: I don’t know if this will be a good “Change”…I’m so scared and angry

EB: All this “Change” coming my way

SE: I don’t see how it will be good, what if it’s not?

UE: I can’t see anything positive about this “Change”

UN: I’m scared and angry…so shocked this is happening

CP: All this “Change”, it’s can’t be good

CB: I’m scared of this “Change”, all that could happen

UA: What if it is a terrible “Change”?

TH: I’m so scared and angry about this “Change”

EB: I just don’t see how this will be good

SE: But what if there is some good in this “Change”?

UE: I know there won’t be…how could there be?

UN: What if  I don’t have to be so scared?

CP: But I am scared and angry…shocked!

CB: I would love to be open to the possibility that this “Change” might not be as bad I think…

UA: But this change can’t possibly be good…It’s so scary what could happen

TH: I am open to releasing this fear and anger, though…It doesn’t benefit me, doesn’t help me

EB: All this fear and anger…I’m open to releasing it

SE: Fear and anger doesn’t help me in anyway

UE: It isn’t healthy

UN: I’m open to releasing the fear and anger

CP: I’m open to the possibility of this “Change” having some positive outcome

CB: I’m open to projecting positive energy…to the possibility of good “Change” occurring

UA: I’m open to releasing the fear and anger about this “Change”

TH: I’m open and ready to project positive energy instead of feeding the negative energy that

       fear and anger brings to me, to my world

Take a deep breath.  Release it and tune back into your emotions about “Change”.  Has the intensity reduced at all?  Have other emotions surfaced?  Continue tapping through this script until your intensity level gets to a 2 or below.  Insert wording that comes up while tapping.  Vent!  Tap through the points as you ramble about all your feelings.  Release that negative emotion.  It does nothing but hold you back from healthy, positive outcomes to “Change”.  Be open to the possibilities “Change” may bring, because you never know.  The power of energy within is powerful in so many ways… make it a positive way.  For your peace of mind, your health.  Be open to the positives that “Change” may be presenting that fear and anger were masking.  You may find it nice, uplifting even, to tap through each point repeating the final line of this script at each one.  We can all benefit from positive energy.  

For more information or if you find yourself “stuck” in releasing your negative emotions, please contact me.

Find the POSITIVE possibilities of “Change”