The Writing on the Wall

The office where I have my EFT practice has the most inspirational bathroom EVER! My office is part of a wonderful chiropractic practice called SCC Chiropractic & Vitality Studio. SCC  Dr. Jenny Bruck and her team strive to teach and empower their clients through healthy, mindful living. It’s not just any ol’ chiropractic office. Dr. Jenny offers monthly workshops on different ways to improve her patients’ overall health, not just their spinal health. She supports her patients in so many ways.

When Dr. Jenny asked me to join her office to help support her clients’ emotional needs, I was honored to become a part of such an amazing team. Using EFT, I’m able to guide clients to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are not only holding them back in life, but that may be also causing them chronic pain, stress and illness. By addressing the physical and the emotional aspects, our clients have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, productive and inspiring life. But I digress… back to the bathroom.

In one of the bathrooms in SCC’s office, the walls are painted with different inspirational quotes and sayings. I always say I do some of my best thinking in the bathroom, mainly because it is one of the few places I can get a moment of privacy from the demands of life. I always take a few extra minutes to read the writing on the wall at SCC; to let the words sink into the writing that I have on my hidden subconscious wall.

We all have our own subconscious wall. We acquire the writing on our wall throughout our lives, most often during childhood. These are the rules we live by. But some of these rules are neither beneficial nor pertinent in our adult life, since many (most) were acquired during childhood. Consciously we may try to do things differently but this wall, this hidden wall, has the ability to override our conscious desires. More than likely, you are being run by the writing on your wall more than you think.

There are lots of examples I could give, like your ability to stick to and succeed at a diet; being able to walk into a test you studied for and ace it; finding your passion in life and making a successful career of it. The list is endless and it differs for everyone. But there are some specific negative rules that MANY people share. Unknowingly, these rules, this writing on their wall, ends up dictating everything they do in life. These specific rules are big, really BIG. The writing on the SCC bathroom wall brought up the “Big Three” for me.

While in the SCC bathroom one day, reading the writing on the wall, I realized it was really hard to “believe” some of the quotes. To really, truly accept the quote and feel it as a truth for myself. I realized that the writing on my own wall was over-riding the acceptance of what I was reading. I just didn’t feel like what was written could possibly be true, because it wasn’t what was on my wall.

I had the opposite on mine and it was dictating how I functioned in my life. My writing said, “If I try, I’ll fail.” Whoa! I thought of all the things in my life that I had wanted to do but had given up at the slightest bit of struggle or hadn’t even attempted at all! How had this writing on my wall affected my business and career choices? My finances? My relationships? My health??? How much had I avoided or disregarded because I was afraid I’d fail? What WOULD I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?! Oh the possibilities!

I began looking at the walls of that bathroom in a different light. As I read each saying, I paid attention to the reaction I had as I read it. Did it feel true, doable? Or did I feel a longing to do what the saying said, but felt it was unachievable.
“Think outside the box”… This saying brought up the hidden writing on my wall that said, “No one will like me if I’m different.” I have always been the queen of ideas… and yet I rarely acted on them. I always hesitated to put myself out there. The thought of not being a part of the “norm”, of doing something unexpected and unique, scared the crap out of me, so I rarely took the steps to try something different, something outside of the box. When I did, I always ended up self-sabotaging myself in some way. This, in turn, helped to reinforce my negative belief of “If I try, I’ll fail”.

I so desperately wanted this next picture of the writing on the wall to be true for me… but I just had the hardest time really believing life could actually be easy and effortless. The reason for this disbelief was the writing on my wall kicking in again… “I’m not worthy.”

It made me sad thinking of all I had missed out on, skipped, put off, all due to these simple yet powerful negative rules I had written on my wall. How I came to believe these rules and incorporate them into my life, I wasn’t sure. But I wanted it to change. I wanted the writing that was on the SCC bathroom wall to feel true, to be true to me. It was so inspiring, so empowering! I wanted that!!

I realized that I knew the perfect tool to help me overwrite all that unhealthy, negative writing on my wall… I had EFT/Tapping. Using this modality, I was able to reverse the negative rules that had dictated my life.  EFT allows you to get into your subconscious and reset any limiting, non beneficial rules you may have. Left in place this negative writing on your wall will not only affect your experiences in life but over time it begins to affect your body physically, showing up as pain, disease, and illness. EFT allows you to quickly and efficiently process, release and reset those rules written on your subconscious wall. This opens the door for success, confidence and health, both physically and mentally.

How true do the SCC bathroom wall quotes feel to you? Believable? Or do you have hidden negative writing on your wall, similar to what I had, that is holding you back or causing you pain? Wouldn’t it be nice to change those negative rules to positive, empowering rules?

What would YOU do if you knew you could not fail? Think outside the box and use EFT to change the writing on your wall. You, too, can feel better everyday in every way.  Because, “where our mind is, there we are…”

If you would like guidance and coaching to release and reset the negative writing on your wall, please use my contact page to set up an appointment.  I look forward to working with you!